For Animals and the Planet

Sustainability is at the core of our business. We love animals and nature, and we want to leave the world a better place than we found it – in fact, it’s our duty! Therefore, we have made a promise to do everything in our power to offer you a product that not only takes care of your dear pets, but also Mother Earth.

Our Kitchen

Our kitchen is like most kitchens – the heart of the home. We opt for 100% renewable energy for running our kitchen, primarily on steam from the Vårgårda Steam Factory and one-fourth from hydroelectric power, known as green energy. We’re committed to minimizing waste and repurposing food residues and byproducts from our food production to generate biogas, which fuels city buses and garbage trucks.

Our Ingredients

Many of our raw materials come directly from Swedish farmers and meet the high standards set by EU regulations. Sweden adhere to EC’s animal protection law, which has some of the world’s highest animal protection standards.

We are also careful to use ingredients that do not compete with human food. The trend of giving our pets more and more of the resources that could also be used for human consumption is something that we at Doggy AB find unsustainable from a climate perspective

We are very proud to offer products that are healthy for our animals, and for our planet.

Our Packaging

When it comes to the packaging of our products, we have taken significant strides to minimize our environmental impact. Our paper bags, plastic bags, and Tetra Recart® packaging are all designed with very low environmental footprint in mind. We were pioneers and became the first in the world to offer Tetra Recart® packaging – a cardboard-based, environmentally friendly packaging solution that is easy to open and reseal. It also offers logistical advantages that reduce transportation. The material in our Tetra Recart® packaging is FSC-certified and fully recyclable

Our Certificates

Since 2007, our pet food production in Vårgårda has been food-certified according to ISO 22000. In fact, we were the first in Sweden to invest in this certification for pet food manufacturing. ISO 22000 is a quality standard in the food industry with a focus on food safety. The certification means that our ingredients are fully traceable, providing you as a pet owner with clear evidence that our products do not contain anything harmful to your pet. The certification guarantees that the food is prepared under strict hygienic conditions. Our production is regularly inspected by both ourselves and external auditors to ensure that we meet the high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Our Engagement

At Doggy AB, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability and quality. By choosing us as your supplier of dog and cat food, you can be confident that you’re providing the very best for your pets while also contributing to a better future for our beloved animals and our planet.