Where the Magic Happens

Our factory and headquarters are located in Vårgårda, and is the heart of our company. This is where our passion for high-quality Swedish pet food takes shape and becomes a reality.

A Hub for Innovation and Quality

We bring together manufacturing, product development, quality assurance, and storage of our products. This is also where all the knowledge and expertise converge to produce the best possible food for our furry companions. Our expertise spans from logistics to product development, and we’re enthusiastic about sharing our knowledge!

Our Facilities

Within our factory, there are three distinct facilities: one dedicated to dry food production, and two for wet food (canned/tetra and pouch). Our committed team of around 120 individuals works here, five to seven days a week, across multiple shifts. Together, we manufacture an impressive 40,000 tons of pet food every year!

Quality Processes

by having dry food production and wet food production adjacent to each other, we ensure that the ingredients remain as fresh as possible throughout the manufacturing process. Fresh animal-based ingredients from the wet food process are used directly in the dry food production. This way, we guarantee that every dog and cat gets to savor an irresistibly flavorful meal when served.

From Farmer to Bowl, Seed to Success

We prepare our food with care, utilizing primarily top-quality natural ingredients. Many of these ingredients are sourced directly from Swedish farmers every morning. These farmers adhere to the world’s strictest animal welfare regulations and employ minimal amounts of chemicals, resulting in unparalleled quality without hormones, antibiotics, or synthetic additives.

Factory in Numbers

Welcome to our amazing factory in Vårgårda, where the magic happens and our passion for our four-legged friends is carried out every day.

  • Area for Dry Production: 6 300 kvm
  • Area for Wet Production: 4 700 kvm
  • Total Area for Production: 11 000 kvm
  • Yearly Production: 40 000 ton (2021)