Once Upon a Time

Our story unfolds on a misty day in the mid-1800s when a young and adventurous spirit named Aron Heyman steps off the train at Vårgårda station. He senses the pulse of opportunity hanging in the air as he gazes upon the fertile expanse of the Västgöta Plains. It’s here, on this untouched land, that Aron’s vision will take shape and forever transform the world of pets.

In 1871, with determination ablaze in his eyes, Aron establishes an oat mill. He sees not only a chance to grind nature’s gifts into nutritious oats but also to salvage every shift and scrape from the mill’s workings. This respect for resources becomes the catalyst for something extraordinary.

A journey to Scotland becomes the moment when Aron’s horizons expand. He falls in love with the Scottish art of steam-preparing oats, resulting in a splendid breakthrough. Fueled by innovation and an unwavering refusal to compromise, he introduces the world to Vårgårda Dog Meal in 1903 – our very first dog food. It marked the beginning of a journey that would forever alter the lives of both people and animals.

Across the decades, Aron’s vision and ideas have been nurtured and refined by four generations of Heymans. Each generation has infused their love and dedication into the company, imprinting Doggy AB’s DNA since then. Now, more than a century and a half later, we stand firmly on our foundation – to offer dog and cat food of the utmost quality.

Our history is a living narrative imbued with passion and a quest for excellence. We carry Aron’s courage and pioneering spirit into the future, where settling for anything less than the absolute best is not an option. Our four-legged companions deserve nothing short of the finest, and it is our honor and joy to create products that meet the highest standard.