Sweden’s high-quality standards and pristine nature are ever-present in our Bozita products. Designed for all breeds, sizes, and ages, Bozita stands at the forefront of dog food innovation. Our nutritional experts have meticulously crafted recipes that adapt precisely to your dog’s needs.

Bozita dog and cat food of the highest quality

Bozita is a premium , Bozita is our super-premium dog and cat food. Our passion for quality and well-being for our pets has resulted in an exceptional Swedish-produced food crafted from natural ingredients and without unnecessary additives. When you open a bag of Bozita, you can be certain you are providing your furry companion with the best.


We make our dog and cat food from Swedish farms wherever possible and with high quality ingredients.

Bozita’s product range

Bozita Dog Food

Premium food for dogs, developed by nutritionists who specialise in the link between food and health so that your dog stays strong even in the face of the toughest challenges.

Bozita Cat Food

Dry and wet food for cats, with a high percentage of fresh Swedish meat for fantastic taste and easy digestion so that your cat receives all the nutrition they need.