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Doggy AB is Sweden’s Oldest and
Largest Producer of Pet Food

We introduced our very first dog food back in 1903, and called it “Dog Meal”. Since then, we’ve expanded to encompass five well-known and cherished brands within the pet food industry. Our team of over 200 employees creates everything with a big dose of passion and an extra serving of love, ensuring our cats and dogs get nothing but the finest. Our commitment extends not only to our animals but also to our environment, which is why we invest significantly in our sustainability initiatives.

World-Class Pet Food for Cats and Dogs

Our journey began in 1903 in Vårgårda, nestled in the heart of Sweden. We’ve spent 120 years refining, innovating, and crafting the best-tasting and most nutritious dog and cat food. Our team of nutrition experts constantly develops and improves our recipes, so that your beloved pet gets the care and flavor it needs with every single bite.

Our Brands

Love From Vårgårda in Every Bowl

Doggy AB is Sweden’s biggest producer of dog and cat food. Despite our substantial size, we’ve successfully preserved the familial atmosphere that’s ingrained in our DNA.

Vårgårda isn’t just the birthplace of our company or where our factory tirelessly operates. It’s the heart and soul of our business. Many of our staff reside in this pristine location, and we are constantly inspired by the sense of community, warmth and determination that this place holds. We love having our roots here, and we’re sure it’s helped us grow to who we are today.

About Doggy AB

Creating a sustainable future

As we look back on our story, we are proud of our heritage and are committed to preserve our rich history. But we also look ahead and challenge ourselves to make the future a better place. For ourselves, our animals, our environment, and our planet.

About Sustainability

Comes with the nutrition and care that our pets deserve, one bowl at a time.

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Do animals make your heart beat extra fast? Are you genuinely excited about making a difference for pets around the world? Does a job in one of the most beautiful and picturesque parts of Sweden sound like a dream? (Seriously, we sometimes pinch ourselves). Apply to become part of our team today. We are over 200 passionate animal lovers who live for our motto “love from Vårgårda in every bowl”. Rest assured, with us you are not one of many – you are one of our family and we’d love to have you!

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Our factory and headquarters are located in Vårgårda, and is the heart of our company.



Our story unfolds on a misty day in the mid-1800s when a young and adventurous spirit named Aron Heyman steps off the train at Vårgårda station.