Welcome to Doggy, where every bite brings joy to your dog. We combine quality, nutrition, taste, and exceptional care to craft the finest dog food experience Sweden has to offer.

Most Loved Dog Food in Sweden

We created Doggy to provide the perfect balance between flavor and nutrition for your beloved dog. Our passion for producing unparalleled Swedish-quality food is evident in every step, from handpicked ingredients to the manufacturing process.

Whether your dog is a puppy exploring the world, an adult indulging in life, or a senior companion deserving of extra care, we have the perfect food for every life stage. Each dog is unique, and that’s why we offer tailored options that suit your family member perfectly.

And hey, don’t forget to take a peek at our tasty dog treat selection! 


We are all about the love for dogs at Doggy. All of our dry foods are made here in Vårgårda, carefully composed by our nutrion experts.

Doggy’s product range


Our Vårgårda-produced dog food is not only the best-seller in the country, but it’s also a well-balanced and delicious meal for dogs. The assortment consists of dry and wet food, and sugar-free dog candy.

Doggy Professional

Doggy Professional is an exceptional food option, tailored to match your dog’s activity level! You’ll find both high-energy food for dogs needing extra vigor and low-fat dog food suitable for neutered dogs. With Doggy Professional, you can be confident you’re providing your four-legged friend with the best possible.

Doggy Delikatess

When you want to pamper your furry friend with the finest in luxurious dog food, Doggy Delikatess is your best option. Our Doggy Paté is now elevated to an even high standard, boasting a brand new recipe and design. The secret lies in the generous proportion of high-quality meat, and is sure to make your dog extatic.