The Cat Home for Gourmand Cats

Welcome to Tassalyckan, where our product testers reside. The story of Tassalyckan began in 1992 when a group of cats were given a second chance at life. Today, around thirty cats call it home, most of them coming from shelters or being rehomed. Getting the cats to get along isn’t always easy, but with a lot of love (and good food), most challenges are overcome.

At Tassalyckan, nothing is left to chance. Our dedicated product testers are true connoisseurs and they take their role very seriously. They put their passion and expertise to the test to ensure only the very best cat food is approved – nothing escapes their discerning taste buds!Twice a day, food is served, and the cats sniff, taste, and evaluate our nutritious cat food. Their choices and portion sizes are carefully studied and documented. They test both dry and wet food, and their opinions form the foundation for the cat food we produce for cats all around the world.

All the cats at Tassalyckan have their own little red houses with white corners. Here, they find peace and quiet in their own tiny cottage village. They have large, beautiful grassy areas and plenty of climbing trees to play and frolic on when they’re not on duty.